Barriers & Site Equipment

Barriers and Site Equipment – for a Safer Site

If you need more than temporary fencing and crowd control barriers to properly secure and safely mark an event or construction site. Pro-Site Hire provides a constantly growing list of safety and site equipment that suits any Victorian event or construction site.

For a free quote on all your fencing, barrier and safety needs for construction sites or events, just contact us here.

Water Filled Barrier – Triton and Pedestrian


Our Triton barriers are rated to 50km in a crash and offer a great value, while protecting your site from dangerous drivers. If you are looking to guide traffic for an event, or around construction work, Triton water filled barriers are the best solution.


Water filled pedestrian barriers are a designed to offer the perfect stable pedestrian barricade that is suitable for events and traffic management around construction sites. These barriers make a fantastic and long lasting pedestrian management system.

Concrete Barrier

We can supply industry standard concrete barriers, designed to manage traffic flow and protect construction sites from fast moving vehicles.

We are able to handle large and small concrete barrier orders, so call us today for a great price.


The CETS joiner is designed to connect concrete and Triton water filled barriers. These are the best way to join to separate traffic management systems into one elegant traffic management solution.

5 Chanel Cable Cover (Heavy Duty)

These cable covers protect pedestrians from tripping and protect your cables and hoses from being damaged by pedestrian traffic. These cable covers can even protect the cables from heavy vehicles, rated to handle up to 20 tonnes per sqm.

Witches Hats/Traffic Cones

Witches hats/traffic cones are used outdoors during roadworks or events to direct traffic. They make a great, cost effective traffic control measure.


More visible than traffic cones, bollards are a rigid post that can be arranged in a line to close off or limit traffic size on a road or path. They are also a fantastic wat to separate traffic from your worksite.

Timber Cross Over Protectors

Cross over protectors are the best way to protect the driveway on your construction site against damage from heavy vehicle access. Crossovers are placed on top of the main driveway (or the driveway that will be used by your vehicles) and they protect against the damage of constant traffic.

Pedestrian Ramps

Pedestrian ramps are a fantastic way to enable disabled access over footpaths and other steps for events. Our pedestrian ramps have a non-slip surface and they are lightweight and portable.

Amber Flashing Lights

These lights are attached to barriers and fencing to warn pedestrians or traffic of obstructions. They are important for managing night traffic conditions around events and construction sites.

Barrier Boards (Traffic Barricades)

Barrier boards are a light weight, 2.4 meter long traffic barricade. Their lightweight and easy to set-up nature makes them a convenient traffic or pedestrian barrier. You can use barrier boards for a range of traffic control situations:

  • Delineation
  • Closed road shoulders
  • Road closures
  • Crowd and pedestrian control
  • Hazard warning
  • Traffic diversion

Site Toilets

Every construction or event site needs toilets. We offer high quality toilets at great rates, they are delivered to you and cleaning is organised every four weeks to keep them in working order. Minimum hire period of 14 weeks applies.

For a free quote on all your fencing, barrier and safety needs for construction sites or events, just contact us.